Thursday, July 17, 2014

Love list: New tricks, new kicks, new hair

1. Very serious "Come here"
This is one of those instances where I didn't realize she was paying attention until she started mimicking me. I guess I do this to her a lot! But when I'm trying to get her to come to me, I give her a look and beckon at her with my finger. She has started doing it, chin down, kinda glaring at your from under her hair, very stern, and crooking her finger. Now she knows it makes us laugh so she does it just for the laughs. It's hard to catch on video so this is the best we've got!
2. Reading to mommy and daddy
Or just to herself. She has started picking up books, opening, babbling, going to a new page, babbling, and so on. We love it!!
3. Big girl toothbrush
She LOVES brushing her teeth. Weird baby. We used to have a rubber one that goes over your finger, but she had too much fun biting. So we got a big girl toothbrush. Now she asks for it by opening her mouth and going "AHHHHH!"
4. New running shoes
I've been using Pegasus 29 for a while now. I can't even remember when I got them. But I've been noticing some weird aches lately (Repeatedly in my Achilles' tendon and lower back) and my godmother suggested it was the shoes. I switched things up with these Pegasus 30s. I love the colors, but I've only been on two runs with them so far so the jury's still out.
5. New hair (?)
Not sure if this one makes the love list. It was cut yesterday and I loved it then. I think. She rolled it under as she blow dried it and I hated it so I asked for different styling. She curled it a bit and I really liked it.

Then I washed it and blow dried it myself. And I'm not sure I love it. It's very... blunt.
But I have NEVER done anything to my hair. Seriously. It's always just been long and straight. I wash it. I don't even blow dry it. Heck, I barely brush it. It's stick-straight, thick and smooth. I went to Ulta yesterday and bought a curling iron and some products based on some recommendations from the woman there. I made my first attempt tonight...
Guys. I feel like crying. I hate it! I look like an angry chipmunk. It just keep getting so.... fluffy! At the bottom. The top stayed the same. What the heck?

I want this... or this....


Someone please, please, PLEASE help me figure out how to do my hair! Save me from myself. I really want to love this hair cut, but I just need to know how to do with it. Help!!!


  1. I love the length on you ! You just have to play with it some more maybe some texture products or try wrapping your hair around a smaller curling iron =)
    love your blog

    Simply Sutter

  2. Oh Erika! I love it! But I know what you mean though, by the 'bottom fluff'. I call it the "triangle hair" for me. It will do that when I go too long between cuts. If I get layers in the back, keeping the length in the front like a bob, my hair does all the volumizing work for me. Just my two cents. I'm no stylist, but I have always had hair envy of you and I would love to play with your hair!