Thursday, July 31, 2014

Love list: New words and chairs and more

1. Add "Josh" to the list
Punkito's very small vocabulary has grown, thanks to our new house member. Now she can say "Josh"! And she does it with such purpose and enthusiasm. I love it. Of course, after I finished filming this, she walked around saying it over and over again. Ah, well. So cute.
2. Big girl chair
I have been drooling over these Pottery Barn Anywhere Chairs for a while now. We finally bit the bullet and got her one tonight. She looooooves it. She brought a book to read in it. She loves to wiggle her little behind back until she's all the way in it.
She kept standing on it and we were worried she would tip over.
And then we heard a crash...
3. Unintentional matching 
Em and I went to the Thinkery (children's museum) today and the girl at the front said "hey, you match!" Um, not intentional. Guess I just have a thing for blue tops and striped skirts.

4. Damn Delicious
We are always trying to change up our dinner rotations and lately we have been trying a bunch of recipes from this website, Damn Delicious. True to its name, they are pretty much all dang good. We have only tried one so far that we didn't like, from over more than half a dozen. If you need some new things to try, check it out! We recommend: Enchilada Pasta, Honey Walnut Shrimp, PF Changs Lettuce Wraps, Jalapeno Shrimp Enchiladas (our favorite so far!), and Sirloin Gyros. The only one we didn't love was the honey salmon.
5. New swimsuits
Look how cute these are! I found all of these on Pinterest, but why can't I find a cute one in stores? I think I need a new one before our Cali trip and unfortunately we are at the end of swimsuit season. Any recommendations?

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