Monday, July 7, 2014

Mama Monday: Emma's top lit picks

Today as Hans was cleaning out one of our extra bedrooms he looks at me and asks "Why do we have so many books?"

Because books are awesome. And we are nerds to the core. And doing our very, very best to pass that on to our little one.
Thankfully, so far she LOVES to read. One of the first things she does in the morning is point to a stack on the nightstand and ask "buh?" My little ball of energy hardly ever sits still, but she will sit with me in her rocker for half an hour and read book after book. I love it. Every time we go to Barnes and Noble or Target (like, once a week) I have to resist that urge to buy every book in the place for her. It's a real struggle!

These are her favorites - we read them over and over. I think I can recite them in my sleep. What are your kids recommendations? We need some more variety and I think I see an Amazon spree in my future...
Go, Dog, Go! - Her first favorite. We like the simple story and she likes the drawings.
Are You My Mother - She loves to make the animal noises and she loves it when we make the SNORT noise.
Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb - We read it with a rhythm and she nods her head or taps the book in time. 
Olivia - We like that it makes us laugh, too. For some reason she loves the painting of Jackson Pollock's. We all love the drawings.
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? - She loves the colors and animal noises (are we sensing a theme?)
Bears, Bears, Bears - It's a sweet story and the art is fantastic. She loves to point out all the bears.
Dear Zoo - She loves flip books! And once again, this one's great for making animal noises. 

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  1. Ten apples up on top, My Daddy and I, Going on a bear hunt, Bark George, Big Dog...Little Dog, any elephant and Piggie books (my kids think these are hilarious and they are great for beginning readers) are some of my kids favorites :)